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Service Offerings

Empowering Neurodiverse Individuals and Groups through Personalized OT-Based Coaching Services and Interactive Workshops.

Participating in team-based activities and free play in natural surroundings can foster the development of leadership skills and social abilities in children from an early age. This type of environment can also serve as a platform for identifying natural career callings. Even children as young as 6 to 8 years old can already start building their confidence and exploring possible career paths for their future. The structure of the environment allows children to display their unique talents that may go unnoticed in more rigid environments.

Take a look at our programs listed below!

iElevate Your Senses

iElevate Your Senses is an outdoor exploration and nature-based art therapy program for neurodiverse kids focusing on executive functioning and social skills such as team work, problem solving, and creative expression. The course uses natural elements to encourage sustained focus and shared attention, and involve various textures, scents, and materials for sensory input. We also include career and professional development skills, graded down to meet this developmental age range.

iElevate Senses

iElevate After School

iElevate After School

Individual 1-On-1 Occupational Therapy

Looking to provide a unique and engaging experience for children under the age of 16? Our individualized occupational therapy (OT) sessions in the great outdoors may be just what you need. Our skilled therapists specialize in working with children and will create a customized program designed to meet their unique needs and interests.

To learn more about our individual OT sessions in the outdoors, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping your child reach their full potential!

individual OT

iElevate Your Career

iElevate Your Career is a 12-week intensive coaching program that walks young adults 18-35 years old through improving personal relationship skills and professional skills to land a dream career or improve their job outlook.


The online program involves one-on-one mindset coaching, a self-paced digital curriculum, and a weekly career support group for peer-to-peer networking.

We provide coaching services both virtually and in-person at our office located in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

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iElevate Your Career

Upcoming Workshops

  • iElevate Life & Career Coaching Outdoors - at Growing Minds
    iElevate Life & Career Coaching Outdoors - at Growing Minds
    Time is TBD
    Mount Pleasant
    Time is TBD
    Mount Pleasant, 3050 Grape Ln, Mt Pleasant, SC 29466, USA
    Time is TBD
    Mount Pleasant, 3050 Grape Ln, Mt Pleasant, SC 29466, USA
    iElevate Your Career & Growing Minds Outdoors - A Teen / Young Adult Life Program for Independent Living Skills on the Farm. Join us this fall at Growing Minds Farm for an outdoor nutrition, agriculture, and food growing program for ages 16+.
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