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i Elevate Outdoors

We are taking occupational therapy out of the clinic and into the natural environment.

Our Story

iElevate provides life and career coaching services to neurodiverse teens and young adults. Through this journey, we have found that the life skills, relationships, and purpose our clients seek to find are things best built in the challenging, yet safe, outdoor ecosystem of our local communities. 


The outdoors provides natural sensory stimulation for vestibular movement, visual and auditory cues, and can assist in self-regulation, attention, focus, and social emotional learning.  

This is why we started iElevate Outdoors in Spring 2023. Our goal of this new initiative is to revitalize our traditional curriculum and engage with a broader range of people, starting from a young age and up to their late teens and early twenties. By fostering a deeper connection with nature and ourselves, we aim to empower individuals to become strong, confident, and connected leaders. Our approach seeks to create an immersive learning experience that inspires a lifelong appreciation for the natural world and its role in shaping us.

Through immersive experiences, participants will develop physical strength, boost their confidence, learn teamwork, and hone their social skills, while reconnecting with the natural ecosystem in their local communities and building deeper connections with each other.

OT Therapeutic Principles Applied





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