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Resources we love for ocean goers

"Like a child depends upon its mother, humans have always depended upon nature for our survival. And just as we intuitively love our mothers, we are linked to nature physically, cognitively, and emotionally."

Wallace Nichols, BlueMind: Connection and Water

Reading Recommendations

by Rebecca J. Reynolds

Given to Danielle by her OT Advisor in graduate school as a gift.

by Angela Hanscom

Danielle's friend and mentor; founder of Camp Timbernook.

by Wallace J. Nichols

Other Resources

Marine Sensory Box

Experience the wonders of the ocean from the comfort of your own home!

Read tutorial

Ocean Animal Yoga

View our friend's Ocean Poses and do this with your students!

Watch video

Social Emotional Learning

Videos we love that help create empathy for the ocean and sea creatures. Learning to value some of the "scary creatures" can help preserve our oceans for future generations.

We support the Sustainable Ocean Alliance Charleston.

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